Making ETERNAL SUNSHINE about Clementine

Comparing novel spaces

Think some more about how the memory space in Eternal Sunshine can be related to either the full scale digital space in The Matrix and the shared dream space in Inception. Are the "patients" in Eternal Sunshine more like the self-aware agents in the matrix or the subjects of Cobb's team's shared dreams? Are the Lacuna techs & Howard like the Dreamer/Architect in Inception? Is the relationship between material space and memory space more like that between the "real world" and the matrix or that between material space and dream space in Inception? Do the movies have signs in common to show these relationships?


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Drew E.

This is a really tough comparison because to me at least, Eternal Sunshine doesn't share very much with the Matrix or Inception. There are two major differences I can think of that set this movie apart from the other two; there is no traveling between worlds with the exception of Joel being in his own memory, which shares some relevence with Inception but not a whole bunch considering that no one else can come in with him. Also, while Joel is able to alter and play with the space in his memory to some extent to hide from the erasers, no one else is able to affect his memory in any way. The Lacuna techs can't insert or alter anything in his memory in any way, they can only erase it. If I were pressed to find some comparison with the Matrix it would be as I said before that once Joel is aware of being in his head he can make small alterations in an attempt to flee the Lacuna techs, but he can't alter the state of that world, only the location of himself and Clem inside it. In other words, he doesn't have the freedom of bending the rules like Neo had. And the Lacuna people can't enter his mind or even effect the state of the memories, they can only track them down with a computer and get rid of them. Also, unlike the other two films there is no real difference between the two worlds in this movie. Joels memory is based on events that happened in the real world from two years prior right up until the present night, so we don't have the time difference we had in the Matrix, and as I have said the Lacuna techs can't alter the look and layout of the memory like in Inception. So to wrap this up before it turns into completely incomprehensable banter, Eternal Sunshine shares the idea of one real and one mental/digital world with the other two movies, but not to the same extent if that makes any sense.

Mohammed Alsalman

I agree with Drew about Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Matrix movie they seem that they dont have alot to share in Narrative . Agents in the Matrix systems taking over and looking to Neo while in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind movie Joel tends to remove his memories with Clementine. on space Matrix have Neo going into digital system to get into the matrix world. Neo learn how to be confident to get over the matrix world system. out of his physical budy. codes with machines that divined into devices. as comparisons to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Joel deals to erase his bad memories with Clementine through dreams while he sleep. Joel Memories are real things actually happened to him but he is reliving them in dream and adding to them. I see in inception Someone else is manipulating the dream in inception whereas Joel manipulates his own dreams/memories. I can see the space in the Movie inception on the three layers with motions of walls in dreams.

somehow it difficult for me to put thins up on spaces between the three movies. my point is I see more real world with Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind than inception and matrix.

Kathleen O

I would kind of say that Eternal Sunshine is caught in the middle of The Matrix and Inception. I feel like Joel is a special case, but he was both aware that he was having the procedure done and was able to in a way alter his novel space (by taking Clementine to a different time in his memories) but it didn't really make a difference because the techs could still have control over him.

I think that the novel space itself is more like The Matrix. It's not so much a space where gravity and other important details can be changed if one is simply aware they are dreaming. I look at the matrix as more of a fixed physical area and I think that is more like what Eternal Sunshine is.

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